Calcareous Vineyard

“Let The Soil Speak!”

Tantalize your palate with award-winning wines, lose yourself in the lush landscape

Calcareous Estate wines are produced from grapes grown at one of its three vineyards. Due to farming practices and the nature of the land, these vineyards produce tiny yields, resulting in fruit of profound depth and sense of place. Utmost care is taken during harvest and cellaring to capture the true essence of the land.  These techniques include small lot fermentations, extended maceration, no use of chemical fining, premium cooperages, and minimum racking as the wine ages.  These are truly hand-made wines of distinctive character.
The hilltop tasting room opened in 2008 and was named Lloyd’s Lookout in honor of Lloyd Messer, the winery’s cofounder who had more than a vision of producing world-class wines, he also had the far-sightedness to create a special spot where visitors could come, sit, sip and experience the land surrounding them.  Make a reservation to come enjoy award-winning wines and soak up the sunshine with breathtaking 180-degree views.

3430 Peachy Canyon Road Paso Robles, CA 93446 United States

(805) 239-0289


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