Published on 30-10-2022
Cole’s Chop House
A Legendary Favorite In Downtown Napa

Cole’s Chop House has been a mainstay of the Napa restaurant scene for the past 20-plus years. Beloved by visitors and locals alike, the restaurant is rated one of the “Top 100 Best Steakhouses in America” by OpenTable and serves epic steaks and other delectable dishes, seven nights a week. Located in the historic Williams-Kyser building in downtown Napa, the restaurant is owned by the husband-and-wife team of Eric and Heather Keffer, who’ve built an incredible reputation for great food, a fun bar, and impeccable service.


Cole's Chop House interior


In addition to a large and welcoming dining room, Cole’s accommodates guests in its inviting and upscale bar. Featuring signature cocktails, an impressive whiskey collection – the restaurant is also recognized as a “Great Bourbon Bar of America” – a renowned wine list as well as an extensive beer selection, Cole’s bar scene is about as lively as it gets.
We asked Cole’s trio of bartenders to tell us what interested them in working for the restaurant, what they like best about their job, and of course, their favorite cocktail to make and to drink.

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Coles Bartender Chavez

Adrian Chavez – Bartender

Being a bourbon enthusiast is what brought me to the legendary Cole’s Chop House but what keeps me here is meeting and getting to know all the local and regular patrons. Along with the traveling guests, it’s always nice to hear the backstories of how people heard about the restaurant. As far as my favorite drink to make, I joke that it’s the one I can drink myself. But in all seriousness, I don’t really have a favorite drink to make. They are all part of the craft and each bartender has their own personal touch. And for me to drink, I enjoy a nice pour of bourbon or, for a cocktail, an Old Fashioned.


Great Bourbon Bar


Cole's Bartender - Gabriel Molinar

Gabriel Molinar - Bartender

As a bartender of 15 years, working at an establishment such as Cole’s Chop House has always been a goal. The first time I walked into the Williams-Kyser building I was blown away. Then seeing the food, wine, and spirit selection, I knew it was a place I needed to be. What I enjoy about working at Cole’s is meeting people from all over the world. So many people come into Cole’s either for business or pleasure. You can see that they are enjoying their time in Napa and it’s fun to contribute to that experience even further. Saying what my favorite cocktail to make is like picking a favorite child. I enjoy making a cocktail that others enjoy. The ones that are enjoyed will always be my favorite. Following the theme here, my favorite drink is whiskey, I prefer it neat or with a little ice, but if I were to have a cocktail, a good Old Fashioned is my normal cocktail of choice.


Coles Bar Manager Hollabagh

Jamin Hollabaugh - Bar Manager

The food and atmosphere made this my favorite restaurant 20 years ago and I always said I should get behind the bar one day. What I like most about working at Cole’s is learning something new every day. My favorite cocktail to make is the Boulevardier, which employs whiskey, sweet vermouth and Campari, in a variation on the classic Negroni and is adored for its deft balance of bitter, boozy and sweet. As for me, my favorite spirits to try are barrel proof bourbons and rye.

So, whether dining at the legendary Cole’s Chop House or, just popping in for a bite and a beverage, know that the restaurant – and its trio of knowledgeable and creative bartenders – has everything you need for a epic experience in beautiful downtown Napa.



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