Published on 03-12-2020
El Dorado Winery Association
First Ever Region-Wide Subscription Program Launched

The “El Dorado Wine Movement” is a wine region subscription granting members access to exclusive experiences and offerings in El Dorado Wine Country


The El Dorado Winery Association officially launched the first of its kind wine region subscription, the El Dorado Wine Movement, on Wednesday, November 18, 2020. The El Dorado Wine Movement invites adventure-seeking wine lovers to join California’s renegade wine country and experience the diversity of El Dorado Wine Country. With exclusive experiences and deals at wineries, local businesses, and even lodging, members are guaranteed elevated adventures by joining.

Known for their eclectic range of wine grape varietals, barrier-breaking winemakers, and unique mountainous landscapes, El Dorado Wine Country takes the title of being California’s adventurous wine region very seriously. Inspired by their adventure motivated visitors, paired with the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, the El Dorado Winery Association decided to once again break the mold by creating the El Dorado Wine Movement. With in-person and virtual experiences available at all times through the mobile app. Members are encouraged to explore El Dorado at their leisure and comfort levels.

“By joining the El Dorado Wine Movement, wine lovers not only get access to exclusive experiences, they also get to be a part of this grassroots movement to build our dynamic and growing region,” said Kara Sather, executive director of El Dorado Winery Association. “Our fans are an integral part of what makes this region so unique and we are thrilled to give them the opportunity to become part of our movement.”

The El Dorado Winery Association is excited to invite any and all wine wanderers to join the El Dorado Wine Movement and become part of this group rebellious wine adventurers. With varied membership levels starting at $9.99/month, the El Dorado Wine Movement truly is designed to provide the best possible wine country experience to everyone. Once joined, members gain immediate access through a mobile app to exclusive experiences, deals, and offerings to wineries, local businesses, and lodging properties.

This exciting new opportunity is now available; fans can join the El Dorado Wine Movement by visiting www.eldoradowines.online/wine-movement. If you have any questions about the El Dorado Wine Movement or the El Dorado Winery Association, please contact Kara Sather, Executive Director, at (530) 409-8688 or kara@eldoradowines.org.

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