Published on 29-08-2022
Etude Winery
For a Taste of Something Special, Let Your Wine Adventures Take You to Etude

Known for its award-winning Pinot Noirs, Etude offers gorgeous in-the-vineyard tasting experiences that are relaxed yet highly informative. Easily reached from across the Bay Area, the winery is geographically located at the southern end of the valley and just five miles from downtown Napa.
“Pinot Noir is completely different on the palate than other wines a visitor is going to taste in the Napa Valley and our winemaker, Jon Priest, is a master at creating brilliant wines with this grape,” said Ben Mason, Hospitality Sales Manager.
In addition to Carneros classic Pinot Noir like the 2018 Heirloom Pinot, Etude offers something for everyone including a Pinot Noir Rosé and a Blanc de Noirs Sparkling Wine. Visitors are encouraged to try a variety of wines in order to get a sense of all that this grape has to offer.


Etude winemaker Jon Priest


The Unique Los Carneros Climate

One of the world’s most popular varietals, Pinot Noir offers complex flavors in a dry, light- to medium-bodied wine. For aficionados as well as the uninitiated, the wines elicit bright acidity and silky tannins that are elegant and refined. And, while Pinot Noir can be finicky to grow, the cooler maritime air of the Los Carneros AVA is a perfect match.
Priest sources certified sustainable and terroir-focused fruit from the estate Grace Benoist Ranch in Los Carneros – as well as vineyards like Fiddlestix and North Canyon in the Central Coast – to create highly sought-after Pinots. Coaxing the best from each vineyard, Priest is often referred to as one of Napa’s “rockstar” winemakers for a reason.


Etude harvest

Sustainability is Key

Established in 1982, Etude’s founding winemaker, Tony Soter, set his sights on the cool-climate Carneros region in pursuit of producing world-class Pinot Noir. Sustainability wasn’t the buzz word it is today but regardless, Soter and his team spent years perfecting holistic farming practices to protect the land and wildlife habitats, farming in concert with the surrounding environment in the wholehearted belief that wines are expressive of the place in which they are grown. This is especially true of Pinot Noir and best stated by Soter himself when he said, “Pinot Noir is the most appropriate vehicle with which to study wine growing, precisely because of its demanding nature but also because of its delicacy and transparency,” said Soter.  
Since then, Priest has put his own stamp on sustainability. Leading the winery for the past 17 years, he has advanced Etude’s legacy of sustainability, helping the winery become Napa Green certified both in the vineyard and in the tasting room.


Etude Pinot Noir

Come Discover What Insiders Already Know

Nestled into the rolling hills of Los Carneros, Etude’s easy location and beautiful venue beckon those looking for a unique tasting experience.  For lovers of Pinot Noir, this is your winery.  For those looking to discover something extraordinary, it is as well.  Or, as winemaker Priest puts it, “Etude was founded on the philosophy that winemaking begins in the vineyard long before the harvest and that superior grape growing diminishes the need for intervention by the winemaker, resulting in wine that is grown, not made. This remains our approach today as we continue to build the Etude legacy.”



Etude Study of Pinot Noir

Signature Tasting Experiences

Visitors can not only learn about Etude’s sustainability practices but, can partake of a number of incredible tasting experiences. The winery is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and reservations are required.

Tastings as follows:

Collector’s Tasting
This reserve tasting includes a flight of signature red wines, showcasing single vineyard Pinot Noirs, and elegant Cabernet Sauvignons.
$50 per person
Complimentary for club members + 3 guests

Private Tailored Experience
Choose which wines to taste in this private, seated tasting experience. The winery’s expressive Pinot Noirs span five distinct growing districts and showcase how terroir influences the aromas and flavors of this delicate and sought-after varietal. The Cabernet Sauvignons are handcrafted from several unique sites within prestigious sub-appellations in Napa Valley. The well-crafted Heirloom Chardonnay can also be requested.  
$95 per person, $50 for members

The Study of Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir expresses the place it was grown to a degree that no other wine grape can. Experience how terroir influences the aromas and flavors of this delicate and popular varietal. Taste five Pinot Noirs from different growing regions, all made by Etude Winemaker Jon Priest, in a private, seated experience.
$95 per person, $50 for members




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