Published on 28-08-2023
Fathers + Daughters Cellars
Finding the Perfect Vineyard Setting in Anderson Valley AVA

“Taste at the Top”

Standing atop an aerie overlooking Northern California’s Anderson Valley, Fathers + Daughters Cellars principal, Guy Pacurar, talks about what makes this AVA, and the family’s Ferrington Vineyard, so special.

Fathers + Daughters

“When I’d close my eyes and imagine what a wine region would look like, I’d picture rolling hills grazed by sheep, streams running between vineyard and orchards, hawks soaring overhead and a small valley where time seems to stand still. It wasn’t until I ventured off the beaten path and into the mostly undiscovered region of Anderson Valley that I found my idyll.”

It was a similar quest that led father-in-law and vineyard owner, Kurt Schoeneman, to the Anderson Valley in 1996. During his visit, he ran across Ferrington, a vineyard that had fallen into a state of disrepair. However, in doing his research, he found that Williams Selyem was a buyer of fruit from Ferrington. Based on the stature of this client, Schoeneman bought the vineyard and worked it. His commitment to not only grow the best fruit possible, but to sell that fruit only to winemakers who will do it justice, served to resurrect, enhance, and burnish its reputation. Today, Ferrington enjoys an almost mythical status among California vineyards.

In 2012, his granddaughter, Ella, was born to daughter Sarah and her husband, Guy. They approached Schoeneman and asked if they could make a Pinot in Ella’s honor. Given the green light, they sought out Phil Baxter Jr., a winemaker with a reputation for making age-worthy Pinots and just like that, Fathers + Daughters Cellars was born.


Fathers + Daugthers

Since then, in addition to making their Ferrington-designate Pinot Noir every year, they have added Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer and Sarah’ Rustic Bubbles (a Chardonnay Petillant Naturel) to the mix. Today, annual production stands at just under 1,000 cases and distribution is primarily limited to Northern California and online sales.

But truly, the best way to experience these wines, and the vision that brought them to market, is to “Taste at The Top”. Book a tasting with Fathers + Daughters and you will find yourself at a rustic picnic table perched on that very aerie overlooking the idyllic Anderson Valley.

“I think to truly understand the impact of terroir on wine, one has to taste the wine on the land where it was born,” said Pacurar. “I promise you, after you’ve tasted at the top, every sip of Fathers + Daughters will immediately transport you back to this idyllic valley.”

Click here for more information. Tasting opportunities are extremely limited and are weather-dependent. Email Dad@FandDCellars.com for more information, or to book a tasting.


Pictured above is Ella Pacurar, Sarah Schoeneman, Kurt Shoeneman, and Guy Pacurar. Ella is Guy and Sarah's daughter, and Sarah is Kurt's daughter.

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