Published on 08-09-2021
Napa Valley Bike Tours
The Best Napa Valley Memories Start On Two Wheels

One-Stop Shop for Fun Adventures!

Napa Valley Bike Tours specializes in providing visitors with some of the most unique and unforgettable vacation experiences (even if it’s just a day trip) in Napa Valley. Guided bike tours, visiting Napa wineries, self-guided wine-tasting bike tours and bike rentals are just the beginning.  You can even book a bike tour/hot air balloon ride adventure that includes lunch and wine tasting stops at two Napa Valley wineries! You’ll be talking about your adventure with Napa Valley Bike Tours for years to come!

Napa Valley Bike Tours

Plan Ahead

Need a little help planning your next trip? No problem! Check their website at www.napavalleybiketours.com for current information about riding the Napa Valley Vine Trail, top routes for avid cyclers, road conditions and more things to do during your Napa Valley visit. They even have a blog, “Will Bike For Wine,” for your reading pleasure.

E-Bikes, A “No-Sweat Proposition”

Electric bikes – or eBikes – are a hot topic at Napa Valley Bike Tours. More than 25% of their tour and rental guests choose these pedal-assist bikes, which offer three levels of motorized assistance to make biking to wineries a “no sweat” proposition.
Kelly Macway, Director of Sales & Marketing says,“Four or five years ago, guests at Napa Valley Bike Tours would attach some sort of excuse to any request to rent an electric bike, such as recovering from an injury or feeling less confident about their fitness level. However, today, that is not the case at all! People are requesting eBikes because they’ve had an experience trying one somewhere and just know them to be a faster and more reliable way to cover more ground and see and do more – plus they are really fun to ride! A lot of Napa Valley Bike Tours’ guests also want to strike a balance of dressing comfortably, while also looking appropriately stylish for their winery visits and eBikes give them the confidence that they won’t get overly sweaty or mussed up.”

Two Convenient Locations

Napa Valley Bike Tours has two convenient locations (Both are open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) – 6500 Washington Street in Yountville and 950 Pearl Street in Napa. Each location offers its own unique experience. For more information, visit napavalleybiketours.com or call (707) 251-8687.


Napa Valley Bike Tours



Yelp and Tripadvisor are brimming with five-star reviews about Napa Valley Bike Tours. Here are a couple of recent ones:

“The self-guided tour was the perfect way to explore the area, allowing us to stop at the wineries of our choice and progress at our own pace. Napa Valley Bike Tours provided a detailed guide to help plan the itinerary and the stops. They checked in with us periodically by phone, delivered our picnic lunch right on time, and picked up our purchases along the way so we didn’t have to carry them on the bike. First class service!”

“Our Napa e-bike day was fantastic!! We’ve rented e-bikes before, so we opted for the self-guided tour. If you pick up in Yountville, I also recommend Mustards Grill for lunch. Reserve your tastings & map your route in advance!!!”




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