Published on 26-05-2022
Napa’s New Frontier

This is not your typical tasting room. It’s more like a library, where you can delve into topics that interest you and learn a few things you might not have anticipated. The tasting menu is a universal itinerary of winedom assembled by one of the most successful men in the world, Alejandro Bulgheroni, an Argentinian-Italian businessman, farmer, vintner, and entrepreneur. His discerning nose and taste for the finest pieces of winegrowing dirt in the world, led him to assemble an unmatched portfolio of wine wonders, from Italy to Australia to Napa to South America. Impossibly, he also built winery at the very bottom tip of Patagonia, where sheep and mountain goats thrive, but where one would not think to plant vines, unless you were Bulgheroni.
Located in downtown Napa, New Frontier is literally a passport to wines from the far reaches of the earth. You can try everything from French Bordeaux to Argentinian Organic Malbec to Australian Grenache. Guided by the welcoming, knowledgeable Somm and hospitality professional, Chris Cardoso, you’ll be in good hands as you embark on your world tour.


New Frontier Wine Co. pouring

Start with the 2020 Waypoint Old Vine Muscat from Bell Road Vineyard in Amador, a dry deliverance of perfume and orange peel, followed by the voluptuously smooth, yet spicy pomegranate and brownie-packed 2019 Grandpère Zinfandel from Amador. Both are crafted by winemaker Joe Shebl, who made Renwood’s little wren on the label sing its sweetest songs.

Chase the 2020 Pursuit Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley, if you must, but don’t pass up the organic 2020 Devoción Malbec from Argentina, a brilliant ruby-hued, red plum endowed beauty, made by winemaker Juan Pablo Murgia, whose lush litheness will blow your mind but not your budget at only $25. Devoción also makes a dynamite organic Cabernet Franc.

Murgia is now head winemaker for the Otronia wines from Patagonia, which include Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, grown at the southernmost vineyard in the world, on the 45th parallel. This distinction used to be held by Central Otago, New Zealand, but the Argentinians pushed the limits southward.
Nothing can prepare you for the sublime experience of the Alkina wines, from Barossa, Australia, crafted by winemakers Amelia Nolan and Alberto Antonini. Named for an Indigenous Australian girl’s name for Moon, the wines are indeed heavenly. Tasting the 2019 Alkina Polygon No. 3 Grenache was like lying on the floor of the Sistine Chapel, admiring the ceiling. This wine literally levitates in your mouth, each angelic wave taking you closer to heaven. One can understand why $295 is a fair price for such an experience.

Lovers of Napa Cabernets in all their bold glory, will appreciate the lineup from Lithology, named for the study of rocks, handsomely polished by two of Napa’s legends, Philippe Melka and Matt Sands. Drill down on the supreme Beckstoffer vineyards, including To-Kalon, Beckstoffer Dr. Crane, Beckstoffer Las Piedras and Beckstoffer Georges III. The 2019 Las Piedras dances a minuet of deep plum and chocolate, with a lovely core of ginger cookie, while the Dr. Crane delivers huckleberry, mint and cedar, an edgy wine with a full on amazing shantung silkiness that finds every part of your mouth. As expected, the To-Kalon is dark and gravelly, with a sweetish edge that combines pepper and dark cherry in a fascinating jam of velvet and fire. All impressive.

You might want to finish with the 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Alejandro Bulgheroni,  from Oakville, St. Helena and Rutherford vineyards. Much like the man himself, it’s bold, grippy, spicy, daring, earthy and captivating. Never has a $395 Napa Cab made me crave meatballs quite like this one.
With selections from $20 to $400, the depth and breadth of this sumptuous feast are impossible to beat, offering something new each time you visit.
Each taste is served in the finest Sophienwald Austrian crystal stemware, to show off the inner truth of each wine.


New Frontier Wine Co vineyard

Welcome to the New Frontier. It’s yours to explore.

New Frontier is located at 1040 Main Street, #101 in downtown Napa and is open daily from 12 to 7 p.m. Private reservations may be made before 12 noon, upon request.
For reservations or more information, call (707) 690-9923, or visit the website at www.newfrontierwines.com.


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