Published on 06-10-2021
Paso Robles Rocks the 100s
Six Paso Robles Wines Recently Received Perfect Scores


Jeb Dunnuck recently reviewed over 600 wines from more than ninety Paso Robles producers in his report “Central Coast Part 2: The 2019s from Paso Robles.”

The review highlighted the exceptional wines and quality that are being produced in this region, which just gets better and better. However, out of the hundreds of wines reviewed, six were awarded the “Holy Grail” of perfection with scores of 100!

Paso’s Newest 100 Point Wines

STEPHAN ASSEO of L’AVENTURE, a true Paso pioneer and trend setter, received two 100-point scores:

2019 Côte a Côte – a Rhône blend of estate-grown Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah.

2019 Estate Cuvée – also from L’Aventure’s estate vineyard, 50% Syrah, with 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Petite Sirah. A marriage of Rhône and Bordeaux, producing perfection. As described by Dunnuck: “the 2019s are some of the finest wines I’ve tasted at this estate.”


JUSTIN SMITH of SAXUM VINEYARDS was awarded three 100-point scores:

2019 Saxum G2 – described by Dunnuck as “pure perfection in a glass.”  With grapes sourced from specific blocks from Bill Gibbs’ G2 Vineyard, this blend of five different Rhône varieties, is Grenache dominant.

2018 James Berry Rocket Block – is also Grenache dominant, including Mourvèdre and Syrah, grapes sourced from the Rocket Block section of the Smith family’s James Berry Vineyard.

2018 Hexe – another Rhône blend of five grapes, focusing on Grenache, grapes were sourced 60% from the Smith’s estate James Berry Vineyard, and 40% from specific blocks from Gibbs’ G2 Vineyard.


DON BURNS of TURTLE ROCK VINEYARDS rounded out the the sixth perfect score with his G2 Syrah – a release of 92% Syrah, rounded out by Mourvèdre and Grenache. Don Burns (who is also assistant winemaker for Saxum) was described by Dunnuck as “unquestionably one of California’s new superstars.”
In addition to all the parts that need to come together to make great (or perfect) wines, you need to start with great grapes. Bill Gibbs’ G2 Vineyard falls in this elite stratosphere of growing such sought-after and esteemed fruit.

As summarized by Dunnuck: “2019 is another incredibly successful vintage, and the wines shine for their purity and freshness just as much as their richness and power.” So, let’s have a huge shout-out for Jeb Dunnuck and all the incredible 600+ Paso Robles wines reviewed...with six 100-point wines leading the pack.


Don Sonderling is a freelance writer covering California’s Wine Country Lifestyle from the Central Coast up through the Napa Valley. He may be reached at: donsonderling@gmail.com


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