Published on 01-02-2024
Priest Ranch
A one-of-a-kind, two-part, food and wine pairing experience

Priest Ranch Tasting Room

Part one begins at the winery’s Yountville tasting room where Priest Ranch wines, produced from fruit grown high in the hills of the Vaca range on Somerston Estate acreage, have been showcased since 2010.   
In 2020, the tasting room emerged from renovation, its wine bar atmosphere replaced with the sophisticated, yet comfortable, lounge-like like setting enjoyed today. Guided one-on-one tastings include pourings of exclusive proprietary blends along with varietals rarely encountered in the region, such as  Brut Rosé of Syrah. Food pairings to go well with the wines are imaginatively created by Somerston Estate’s executive chef Dan Solomon. Not to be missed is the Bacon Experience, four wines matched with four flavors of bacon. 


The Kitchen at Priest Ranch 

The Kitchen at Priest Ranch

The experience continues in an adjacent building that became available last year. By the close of 2023, with the exteriors of the two buildings cosmetically matched to blend seamlessly into a single property, the Kitchen at Priest Ranch opened with a menu designed to pair with the wines offered for tasting next door.
Food and wine pairings are far from unusual in high-end restaurants. The Kitchen at Priest Ranch, however, offers something surprisingly different – fast, casual daytime options with attractive prices.  Chef Dan Solomon explains the concept: “In Yountville, most restaurants are conducive to enjoying a leisurely two-hour meal with a higher expenditure. What we created at The Kitchen is a casual dining experience that would appeal to both the locals and the visitors alike at a favorable price point.”
Walk through the Kitchen’s door into a sleek, yet welcoming, interior. Step up to the counter, choose what you’d like from the posted menu and find a place to sit. Your order will soon be ready.
Menu choices are offered in three categories: Breakfast All Day, Sandwiches and Such, and Big Salads. A quick look through the offerings lets it be known that this is no ordinary fast-food joint. Under the Breakfast category, the Loaded Latke’s ingredient description lists smoked salmon, house latkes, herbed cream cheese, fried egg, preserved lemon relish. Suggested pairing: 2018 Brut Rosé. Take that Egg McMuffin!
Indoor and outdoor dining are available for approximately 45 guests. Outdoors includes a charming patio and, adding to Priest Ranch’s one-of-a-kind experience, the only rooftop dining in Yountville. What better place to enjoy your extraordinary fast food than in that surrounded by 360-degree views?  


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