Published on 28-02-2024
Priest Ranch – Embark on a Culinary Adventure
Discover The Kitchen at Priest Ranch and Indulge in a Tasting Room Adventure!

The highly anticipated Kitchen at Priest Ranch is now open in downtown Yountville, offering a selection of fast-casual dining options from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. With Executive Chef Dan Solomon at the helm, boasting over two decades of culinary experience, this innovative eatery promises an exceptional culinary journey. Elevating breakfast with dishes like the Breakfast Gnocchi and Loaded Latkes, Chef Dan, a Chicago native trained at La Toque in Napa, expertly pairs Priest Ranch wines with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, creating a symphony of flavors.


Priest Ranch's Executive Chef Dan Solomon

From the tantalizing “Gas Station Sandwich” to the indulgent ham panini, each dish is thoughtfully crafted to complement Priest Ranch’s luxurious wine offerings, such as the Priest Ranch Double Barrel and Sauvignon Blanc. Seasonal soups and salads like the “Kind of Niçoise Salad” and the classic “Classic Caesar!” provide refreshing options, while additions like market-grilled chicken add a hearty touch to salads.

Priest Ranch salad

Chef Dan’s dedication to quality and innovation shines through in every bite, whether it’s the perfectly seasoned Herb French fries with KPR sauce or the mouthwatering “KPR Angus beef Smashburger,” sourced from top purveyors like Baker’s Bacon. Amidst the cozy confines of the small kitchen, guests are treated to an array of robust flavors that embody the adventurous spirit of Priest Ranch.

Priest Ranch burger

Adjacent to The Kitchen, the Priest Ranch tasting room continues this culinary odyssey with the Bacon and Wine Experience. Here, guests can indulge in Chef Dan’s creativity, pairing Priest Ranch wines with exquisitely seasoned thick cut slices of decadent pork belly sourced from renowned purveyors. This unique tasting adventure encapsulates the essence of Priest Ranch—an audacious brand dedicated to providing luxury products and experiences that push the boundaries of culinary exploration.

Chef Dan aptly says, “Our collective goal is to create quality, approachable food that just tastes good.” Whether savoring a leisurely meal or grabbing a quick bite, patrons can expect an authentic and delectable culinary journey that celebrates the best of Napa Valley’s gastronomic delights.

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