Published on 01-04-2024
Somerston Estate Winery Lunches - Cloned
Elevated food and wine pairing experience with an inside look, from dirt to glass

As we settle into the new year, Somerston Estate Winery is excited to bring back its Winery Lunches for your enjoyment. Whether you were able to be a part of the first official season of Winemaker Lunches or not,  season two is going to be packed with even more opportunities to soak in the majesty of Somerston Estate and experience everything that its hospitality, culinary, and production team have honed in on.

Learn about the fundamentals of winemaking from ground to glass.

Either Director of Viticulture & Winemaking, Craig Becker, Winemaker Cody Hurd, or Vineyard Manager, Jake Knobloch will be there to immerse you in what the team is currently in the midst of while you enjoy an elevated food and wine pairing and presentation.

Each month introduces a new challenge for the team in different ways, depending on the phase of winegrowing and winemaking.  Early in the growing season, the team is working hands-on with the vines to give them the delicate balance of rigor and support to optimize the quality of fruit grown at Somerston Estate. May will introduce lush vines, with the vineyard crew working to keep the focus on growing the fruit versus the shoots. While August could give signs toward an early or possibly later harvest. No matter the month you visit, you are sure to learn and be aware of the steps taken to produce  world-class wines.

Somerston Estate Winery Lunches

Season Two Winery Lunch Series
• May 11, 2024
• June 8, 2024
• July 13, 2024
• August 9, 2024
• September 13, 2024
• October 11, 2024


Somerston Estate Winery

Can’t make it to any of these dates? Allow the team to curate your own “Winery Lunch” experience! Somerston offers  stunning Estate, collection-worthy wines, and an Executive Chef who has had a year to taste our wines and perfect his ability to pair seasonal dishes with our portfolio as they continue to grow and evolve.

Can’t make it to Napa Valley but want to experience Somerston Estate? Inquire about the “Somerston at Home” opportunities. Somerston ambassadors will visit various cities nationwide throughout the year to host intimate, personalized in-home tastings. If you’re interested, please contact Annamarie to set up your very own Somerston at Home experience!


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