Published on 30-04-2024
The Ultimate Napa Valley Smashburger
The Kitchen at Priest Ranch

Indulge in the iconic KPR Smashburger at The Kitchen at Priest Ranch, a beloved spot in Yountville.  Day after day, you will see KPR Smashburgers enjoyed on the patio, in the intimate indoor dining area, or on the rooftop by locals and visitors alike. But why a SMASHburger, and where did the Smashburger movement begin? Let’s explore!

Priest Ranch Smashburger

Much like Executive Chef Dan, the Smashburger craze traces its roots to the heartland of America. Originating in the mid-east, its inception was a revelation by a cook who pressed a burger patty with a can of beans, unlocking more decadent flavors by rendering down the fat. Though Dairy Cheer in Ashland, Kentucky, is credited with the first official Smashburger, smashed patties have a history dating back to 1932, when cooks stretched beef with onions during the Great Depression.

Priest Ranch Executive Chef Dan Solomon
Executive Chef Dan Solomon

Today, many different iterations of this style of burger preparation have emerged. The best part is that all of them are delicious and continue to intensify the essential components of a burger patty. We’re not saying this way is the best way, but it is The Kitchen at Priest Ranch’s way of doing things!
The KPR version, for instance, is placed on the griddle, smashed, and then dressed with cheese to allow the rich, melty cheese to bind to the crisp patty. Then, it is piled onto a Bouchon Bakery bun dressed with caramelized onions, house-made pickles, shredded lettuce, fresh tomato, and Chef’s secret KPR sauce. You can make it a double, add a sunny egg, or pile on the bacon!
Chef Dan’s mastery of the Smashburger recently earned accolades, triumphing in a Smashburger Smackdown against Foodie Chap Liam Mayclem of KCBS. Test Kitchen Culinary Director Chef Belle English called it the “quintessential Smashburger,” while Executive Chef of Forktable Restaurant, Chef Casey Thompson, described it as “smashtastic.”
This winning creation reflects KPR’s commitment to culinary excellence, inviting you to experience the magic yourself next time you are in town.
Visit The Kitchen at Priest Ranch and make the KPR Smashburger your own.



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